Paper is one of the oldest medias of storing information and can last for hundreds of years. This project allows you to encode an audio message into QR codes that can be posted on a wall, stored or sent via mail. Anyone can decode these QRs with an app for iOS or Android. This creates an audio message that can be transmitted through time and space.

You can use this web app to generate QR code sheets from your audio recordings. To do that please select your message duration, press RECORD then say something fun, then MAKE QR. Now you can right click on the generated QR sheet and save or print it. This sheet now contains your MP3 audio message encoded in QRs. You can decode and play it back with one of the mobile apps provided above.

Because Apple Store charges $100 per year for a developer account, the iOS app is not available on the store. If you are an iPhone user interested in trying it out, please contact us directly.

each sheet store 10 sec of audio