Why we are making Flux.

The are many "Digital Nomad retreats" or groups out there. We find all of them quite similar to each other. Often they operate as a business that offers retreat services to individuals.

Our goal is not to go such a way. We are non profit community that values inclusion first. We believe that no one needs $20k in their bank account to be able to travel comfortably. In fact, you should be able to join even if you have no money. We also believe that most of the jobs today can be done remotely because they primarily involve computers or communication. We think, that technology as a whole is moving society towards elimination of boring repetitive task and creating more creative and passive income opportunities.

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Being remote seems exciting because instead of been stuck in one particular place, now the whole world is accessible. However since there is no mandatory place to go anymore, no coworkers, and no defined schedule, many people (including ourselves) find themself isolated and unmotivated. So, over the past 3 years we've been exploring different approaches of self scheduling, self motivation and proactive behavior. We explored different ways to engage with a local community, using tools such as Meetup, Couchsurfing and Workaway. Although we have had some cool experiences and met some very cool people, we always find it difficult to find like minded people, and most importantly, maintain those connections.

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Flux is our attempt to cultivate like minded community and maintain friendships through recurring events and mutual interests. Our goal is to create a network of sustainable and self guided colivings around the work where the new remote generation can share their experiences, live and work together.

Kirill & Sneha